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Web Development

Our full stack Web Development team based in Cork and Kerry build bespoke websites that convert.

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Website Development To Showcase Your Business

Our website developers build websites that stand out. We analyze your competitors, your customer profiles. This helps you take the lead in the digital space.

Websites Built to Integrate

Sustainable Website Development is at the Core of our Service. Every Website Developed With Spéire has the Capability to Integrate with a CRM, ERP , MRP or any Software Package of your Choice.

Website Development That Delivers

Your Success is Our Success. Every Website we Build Receive the Very Best in Quality and Care. Websites Have the Opportunity to be Your Best Salesperson. Every Decision we Help you Make for Your Website will Always Centre on Achieving Results.

Website Development to Increase Online Sales

For E-Commerce websites we take a holistic approach. Our team looks at your product offering, your competition and your average order value requirement. Our team will then advise you on building a user experience that drives sales.

Every Page we Build has been Developed to Showcase a Compelling Value Proposition Combined with a Structure that is Simple for Search Engines to Read and Index. This Results in Your Website Ranking Higher for Key Search Terms.

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Our Process :

Design Workshop

A collaborative session that brings together your stakeholders and our design team. The purpose of this design session is to bring to life idea’s and concepts, ensuring all parties requirements are being considered. During this session we will also identify user personas to ensure the website is designed specifically for your market.


We will then create a visual representation of your website’s layout & structure. Our key approach to this is to minimise the amount of touchpoints required for users to complete their goals. Wire-framing can also help plan improved on-page elements to integrate SEO.

Content Integration

Once the design workshop has been completed; you will receive a draft of your brand integrated into the design that has been previously constructed. From here, text is required for the relevant fields within your design.

Design Prototype

A prototype encompassing the design of your user experience combined with your brand and your content. Prototyping ensures the look and feel of your offering resonates with your customer personas before progressing your project to coding and development.

Coding & Deployment

Once your design and content has been approved, we will develop your website using a content management system that is versatile, efficient and consistently up to date. The content management system will be configured and optimised to deliver agreed project specifications. Training will be provided as standard to ensure you can make the most out of your new website.

Our Website Services

Web Design

Wireframes. UX/UI. Clickable Prototypes.

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Hosting & Maintenance

Cloud. Dedicated. 24/7 Uptime.

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Website Repair

Stabilisation. Reconstruction. Malware Cleanup.

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Website Redevelopment

Redesign. Modernisation. New Features.

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