Who are Shuzgroup?

Shuz4u run the Irish retail operation of Skechers. Based in Cork, Shuz4u are responsible for the physical retail operations of the Irish Skechers Franchise with units all over Ireland.

Leading the Way in Digitally led Sustainability

Their loyalty programme is based on plastic cards that have scannable barcodes for their store point of sales. The cards needed to be replaced frequently as their customers kept losing them. They also had no analytics on consumer behaviour and buying patterns as part of the loyalty programme. The loyalty scheme was becoming expensive to run and they wanted to continue to have a loyal customer base to keep purchasing their shoes.
Digitizing the barcode via a mobile app we were tasked to build; was not straightforward. The barcode needed to be exact and there was no way to match the barcode to their customer e-mail ID at a cloud level as they were using a third-party vendor through their point of sales. Our team were challenged to innovate and A.I. was the answer.

Small A.I. Model Delivering High Impact

We developed a computer vision system housed on a mobile app installed on the end customers mobile device. Computer vision is a type of A.I. that can see and know what it’s looking for and then make a decision.
Barcodes work by having black lines and white gaps at a certain distance from one another. The black part represents a 1 and the white gap represents a 0 (binary). The thickness of each line and gap represents how many 1s and 0s are present. This is how scanners can pick up this visual information and produce data.
Our computer vision model was built to measure the thickness and distance of each line and recreate the barcode digitally with 100% accuracy. We also integrated prompts to ensure the end customer was using their camera correctly.