Who are Republic of Work?

Republic of Work is a co-working space originating from the South Mall in Cork City. Republic of Work services clientele ranging from start ups to large corporates offering managed desk services, event spaces and a podcasting studio.

Remote Access Management with Peace of Mind

We were tasked with constructing a solution to manage building access remotely for their newly opened Clonmel space. The solution needed to automatically manage access passes and control door access.

Mobile App Development

We constructed a bespoke mobile app for Republic of Work to offer to their clients via the iOS and Android marketplaces. Clients who have registered an account and purchased passes from Republic of Work could utilise their mobile app to gain entry through a secure door.

Unlocking the Door

Getting an app to unlock a door was a challenge our team were only too happy to undertake. Republic of Work had multiple packages of software in use combined with a third-party security company who installed the hardware to keep the door securely locked at all times.
With many moving parts from different digital sources, our team constructed an orchestrator or in layman’s terms a smart middleman to manage information from multiple data points. Once the app scanned a QR code to gain access; the orchestrator needed to deduct their door pass accordingly. It then updated the level of passes logged per account in each database that the Republic of Work maintained.
If a client had no passes, they were not getting in! This project was another example of developing complex software to keep digital simple for all users involved.