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Our Name

There are many facets to the meaning of Spéire.

The ethos behind Spéire is an admiration of the Irish way of doing business.

We believe Ireland is a great place to do business particularly with the benefit of building close relationships with customers and suppliers alike. We believe that relationships are the most important element of conducting business. Spéire is a multifaceted combination of two Irish words and an Irish phrase. “Spéir” is the Irish word for sky and “Eire” means Ireland in our native tongue. Spéire is also part of the phrase “Bun na Spéire” which has a literal translation of beneath the sky, which would be most commonly known as horizon or skyline.

Spéire believes the limit is beyond the sky.
Anything can be achieved when we work hard enough.

We celebrate innovation and in particular, the level of creativity among many businesses nationwide.

At Spéire, we provide a wide range of services; ranging from website design, graphic design, and print, to more technical services such as AI software development services, hosting & website maintenance, and security. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business!

Our Team of Experts

There is a great deal of talent, dedication and passion behind what we do. We work in close collaboration with our clientele. We are results driven and take great pride in working hard for our clients.

CEO, Co-Founder

Stephen Wilson Downey

Stephen developed a huge passion for business at a very young age, this was through his active involvement in his family business since he was 5 years old. Stephen has developed a wealth of skills and expertise in the area of business from his active involvement in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Cork Institute of Technology through securing a Scholarship in the area of entrepreneurship. Here he learned what businesses required and how to help them achieve their goals. Stephen is a business graduate and holds a first-class honours MSc in Marketing Practice.

COO, Co-Founder

Dave Lyons

Dave has a very diverse academic background that includes a BA in Economics & Computer Science, a Higher Diploma in Leadership Development and an MSc in Marketing Practice. Dave has 4 years of experience in marketing, photography and graphic design. Dave has a passion for developing brands for businesses in any industry. Dave is enthusiastic and prides himself in keeping up to date with the latest trends and technology.

Head of Web Development, Co-Founder

Cian Fahy

Cian has worked in the area of Web Development for 9 years. Cian is qualified in the area of Software Development and possesses advanced knowledge; when it comes to best practice in quality delivery, professional services and customer satisfaction. Cian has specialised in the area of customised platform development for websites and also in the area of website maintenance and security.

Chief Technology Officer

Praveen Joshi

Praveen’s knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is highly impressive. Praveen used to build content management systems for websites before he decided to pursue a Masters in Artificial Intelligence. As part of Praveen’s studies he successfully built a price predictor for the stock prices of Microsoft to an accuracy of 74%. Praveen is now pursuing a PhD in Artificial Intelligence.

Customer Success Manager

Laura Harding

Web Designer

Hannah Belton

Web Developer

Ages Mugnia

Ages holds a Graduate Diploma and is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree online. With over five years of commercial experience in web development, Ages has thrived in fast-paced environments, catering to client needs with efficiency and expertise.

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