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AI Software Development

Business Process Automation and Document Digitisation is becoming more relevant for every business.

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We build AI Software with great attention to detail in a variety of areas.

AI software is simply software designed to automatically replicate what a human does.

AI software completes very simple tasks that do not require thought. We develop AI software that empowers businesses to increase efficiency and offer new products and services.

Our AI Software Development services encompass best practices Data Science, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Robotic Process Automation.

Our approach to A.I Software Development.

Just because you can automate something doesn’t mean you should. Our team analyse your business model, software stack and corporate structure.

Once software use per person; per department has been established we begin to map workflows.

Wasteful processes are then categorised and planned for automation. Any manual quality checks per business process is critically analysed before automation is considered.

Computer Vision

We build software that can see, identify and recognise.

Computer Vision is an area of A.I. that enables computers and machinery to obtain information from digital images, videos and other types of visual information. Computer Vision is great for spotting defects in a production line or recognising objects, brands, people or vehicles.

Natural Language Processing

We build software that can understand and comprehend language in multiple formats.

Natural Language Processing or NLP is a branch of A.I. that gives computers the ability to understand text and spoken language. With the combination of machine learning, NLP can reach a point where computers can translate, understand voice commands and summarise large documents.

Robotic Process Automation

We build software that can fully automate mundane tasks that are wasteful.

Robotic Process Automation or RPA can be described as the body for A.I. software. A.I. can understand data and make decisions. RPA is the programming of a computer to execute or follow a command set by A.I. RPA automates mundane tasks like moving data from one piece of software to another, RPA can also be implemented at a more industrial scale for the manufacturing of goods.

Our Process :

Business Case Identification

The business case for your offering identifies an opportunity or a problem that your experience needs to solve. The business case identification phase is also important as it analyses key competitors, the market environment and it specifies the timeline and resources required.

User persona identification

Identification of user personas not only take into account who will be engaging with your offering but also the buyer intent based on their preferences. This is important as it enables our team and yours to set aside personal opinions and biases and puts the sole emphasis on the customer.

User Flow and Feature Prioritisation

Once user personas have been identified, their use cases will define the main features that need to be constructed. A wireframe and userflow is also created to ensure all elements of the user experience are captured. Our key approach to this is to minimise the amount of touchpoints required for users to complete their goals.

Page & Screen Design

The Page & Screen design stage is the creation of structured screen layouts combined with the touchpoints required for users to complete their goals.


A prototype encompassing the design of your user experience combined with your brand is then created once your project has progressed through the previous stages. Prototyping ensures the look and feel of your offering resonates with your user personas before progressing your project to coding and development.


Programming commences and your app is built rapidly for efficient deployment.

QA Testing

Our team then tests the software page by page; function by function. The tests are replacated across multiple devices to ensure consistency.


iOS & Android Market Deployment is a process that can be stringent and complex. We help you with your account set up and ensure your app satisfies iOS & Android market criteria.

Our Software Development Services

A.I. Software Development

Discover how you can automate business processes to reduce costs and increase profits.

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App Development

Develop mobile & web apps to add value to your customers and employees.

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Software Development

Build Software that exactly meets the needs of your customers and employees.

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Digital Transformation

Make your business work harder for you. Transform Business Processes to become Automated, Efficient and Resilient.

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