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Logo Design

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A Logo is the First Element Customers Notice About Your Brand. The Best Logos Incorporate Design Features That Reflect And Resonate With The Core Values of Your Business.

We design logos that carry meaning and impact to your target market. A logo is the beginning of a great message and it requires time and care to get it right.

Our process is Customer Focused.


This phase outlines the purpose of your business, who you are and what you stand for.
This puts purpose behind your vision and mission before the initial iterations of your logo concept. A workshop will also be conducted to determine the environment that your business operates in and your target customers. The workshop will provide further clarity around your brand and where it needs to be.

Persona Identification

Personas will be developed to determine your key customer segments. This will enable you to determine what message resonates best with your target audience.
Our approach to persona creation is always based on fact. When developing personas our team will always base your audience on real people. We will analyse how they interact with similar brands within your space and figure out how your business will stand out from the crowd.


Iterations will then be designed and presented for review.
Aside from key stakeholders of your business reviewing the brand, we will conduct A/B testing online. From there, your logo will be refined and finalised before progression to brand guidelines and style guides.

Style guide and Brand Guidelines

A document with all colour palettes, HEX codes and font styling will be produced along with vectorised digital versions of your logo.
Social media profile images and banners of your logo will be included within the presentation of these assets. This will ensure that your brand will stay consistent throughout it’s lifetime.

Our Design Services

UI/UX Design

Websites, Software, APPs and Machinery interfaces that keep people engaged.

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Well presented material that is informative and engaging.

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