If your website has been broken or hacked, our team will swiftly analyse the best way to restore your website. Our goal is to get your website functional for your business in the quickest way possible.

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Our website repair service is geared towards website uptime & improvement. Our team will repair your website to increase and enhance performance. Our service has been designed to offer peace of mind that your website has the best care you could ask for.

Repair Your Website


Our team understands that every second of down time is a missed opportunity for your business. Our effective website repair service is lean and efficient. This ensures that all action taken is immediate and uptime focused.

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Our Team Brings Websites Back Online & Improves Search Engine Rankings By Technical and On-Page SEO.

Combined with repairing your website, our team will conduct an audit of your website’s search engine performance. This means all technical aspects of your SEO performance and keyword placement will be reviewed. You will then be advised on the best action to take to increase sales and leads once your website has been repaired.

Repair Your Website

Our Process :

Problem Identification

There are many reasons a website needs to be repaired. First and foremost, our team start at the hosting level. Your website files are scanned and inspected to identify malware. Your website’s content management system is then inspected for any broken components that require repair. Your website is also scanned for SEO irregularities. You will then be advised on what our team has found and what to do next.

Website Back Up Creation

A clean and malware free copy of your website is then created. This is a point of return for your website if anything goes wrong during work on your content management system & database.

Preventative Measure Creation

Depending on the nature of the website’s repair, sustainable protocols will be put in place. This ranges from the placement of a firewall to regular security scans of the website.


Once backups and sustainable protocols have been established, the cleaned, repaired and optimised version of your website is put live.


Your website is then monitored frequently. Our team pays special attention to any malicious traffic, core security updates and uptime.