The SEO Objective

OLOS came to us with a goal to rank organically for keywords that would drive quality leads to their site. This was a singular SEO project with a defined goal that was achieved during the three-month period.

The SEO Strategy

To ensure that OLOS drove prospective buyers to their website organically, we developed highly targeted SEO content strategy. This process involved extensive keyword research which allowed us to select buyer intent keywords which were then strategically placed on the relevant pages on the website. This ensured optimal user experience as consumers search queries brought them to highly targeted specific landing pages on the website.

Keeping in mind OLOS’s overall business objectives, we optimised the sites pages to capture “bottom of funnel” traffic, increase lead generation and reinforce that they are an industry leader.

SEO that delivered results

96% of Houses Sold Over a Three Month Period

OLOS ranked during the set time period and our conversion-targeted strategy resulted in 96% of the houses being sold in the first three months of site launch.

26% Increase in Monthly Organic Traffic

Since we optimized OLOS’s website for the search engine they have seen a 26% increase in traffic that came from relevant consumer search queries to their site.

Please note:

SEO is an ongoing process and not a one-time event. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing and search rankings can drop if you do not maintain the website SEO content over time.