Dog Day Media

We were delighted to be approached by our friends in Dog Day Media to develop their new website. Dog Day Media are a very well recognized business for their high-quality award-winning productions in film & animation.

Dog Day Media Web Design

Let the work speak for itself

The design approach for the website encapsulated a portfolio centric approach. The homepage layout was completely minimal with little text. This allowed for their showreel to take the spotlight and provide a completely immersive experience for their prospective customers. This meant that there was no content to be displayed until beyond the fold.

Speed is of the essence

When Dog Day approached us, they were frustrated with the speed of their website. Instead of starving website visitors of a vibrant and immersive experience we embraced the challenge to produce a visually stunning website that punched well above its weight in terms of loading speed. To achieve this we took the approach of not storing any video file on the server.

They needed to be pulled in via Vimeo. We also utilised the very best in terms of GIF technology when it came to loading the video previews within the portfolio. We were excited about this functional aspect because we found a way to retain the high quality of the footage while utilising GIF technology.

Dog Day Media
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