Killaloe Hotel & Spa

Killaloe Hotel & Spa is a high quality newly renovated four-star hotel that is centered with tenets of authenticity and a long-lasting experience complimented with a customer-centric atmosphere.

Spéire were approached by the Killaloe to develop a website that complimented their new high-impact brand combined with a UX that enabled customers to check availability and book efficiently.

A Design That Incorporates a Modern Take on a Historical Setting Combined with an Intuitive Booking Integration, APIs & Harmonious Connectivity

What we enjoyed about this website is incorporating two separate third party booking engines to accommodate room bookings and restaurant bookings. The room booking engine was incorporated to seamlessly integrate with the hotel’s internal occupancy management systems; while another provided the restaurant team with a booking structure that was tailored specifically to assist with their daily cohort of diners.

SEO and PPC that delivered results

Our SEO team created customer personas and segments that truly resonated with Killaloe’s brand. Our tactic was to enable Killaloe to rank for niche terms that their competitors would find difficulty in doing. These terms were paired with buyer intent searches to maximise conversion rates and bookings. Our SEO & PPC tactics consistently outranked the Online Travel Agents at the time of writing.