The Tom Crean Business Centre

The Tom Crean Centre is a business incubation and innovation centre located in Tralee Co.Kerry. It is also Spéire’s second home!

Modernising the design

When we were approached by the Tom Crean team, they required a new design that was visually appealing without deviating too far from their original logo design. Without branding guidelines we had the freedom to design a site that set a new standard for the Tom Crean Centre’s new appearance.

We constructed a web design that consisted of displaying a strong track record of statistics that supported start-ups, showcasing their wide array of facilities with an interactive map for ease of navigation.

Integrating a third-party booking engine

One way of providing a seamless experience is to integrate an existing engine in use. Tom Crean Centre already had an existing domain with a third-party booking system that was reliable and responsive. This was a very cost-effective way of providing booking services for both new and existing members of the business centre.