The Cornstore is a very well known restaurant situated in Cork City & Limerick City. They are widely known for offering the very best in terms of casual, warm and lively dining while offering top quality wines with hand crafted cocktails.

Where else…

The design brief required a web design that positioned their offering at the forefront of their digital presence. We embraced the above phrase and incorporated it into our layout. We took the approach of offering the voucher and click and collect functions under the subheading of aged beef, local seafood and cocktails. This teaser was enough to drive enough traffic through to their menu where users can click and collect to cater for the transformed demands of the market due to COVID.

The modal design also enabled a mobile browsing experience that was pleasant and free of friction when it came to ordering & making reservations.


Incorporating OpenTable into the main pages of the website was also conducted with ease to aid customer navigation and reduce website exit rates or opportunity cost.