Ocean R is a Cork based company that design and produce sustainable clothing for individuals and businesses globally. We were approached by Ocean R with the requirement to reconstruct their website and incorporate a new design produced by their team to truly communicate the quality of their offering.

Dedicated to an Ocean free of plastic – A brand with a high impact

We worked with two very talented individuals from the Ocean R team Analina & Miriam. Dave worked very closely with them to produce a web design that emanated their core brand values with a combined UI that provided an enjoyable browsing experience for both prospective customers and investors alike.

A brochure site with a complimenting e-commerce functionality

Ocean R supplies many businesses with eco apparel that is unique to their brand. They help businesses “lead the charge with green initiatives and sustainable business practices”. They deliver this by providing an in house dashboard experience. We are currently collaborating with a renowned e-commerce platform known as Shuup to provide a powerful dashboard with in-depth insights for their customers. Spéire’s job is to integrate two completely different content management systems seamlessly. Some say its impossible, but we have heard it all before!