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What is AI?

Put very simply, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence in machines. This means that the technology has been programmed to think like humans to solve problems and make educated decisions.

Our AI Development areas

We can develop many solutions for a multitude of industrial application with stunning accuracy.

- Machine Learning

We develop solutions that can analyse, scrape or clean data. This leads to further prospects of input accuracy which in turn will improve the output of processed data. This process will be entirely automated which will save you both time and money.

- Speech Recognition

The importance of speech recognition has grown exponentially over the past five years. Our speech recognition solutions can be utilised for many purposes to fit your organisation. Whether it is to automate inbound telephone queries; or to analyse voice search data in a transparent and compliant way, Speire can develop a solution that fits your exact requirements with efficiency and attention to detail.

- Image Recognition

The potential for computer vision is growing year and year and this era is just getting started. We can construct solutions that can analyse data primarily coming from visual sources. Examples of this application could span over medical image analysis, object identification or facial recognition for security purposes.

- AI for fintech

Fintech enterprises are embracing AI to improve customer experience by increasing efficiency or opening new innovative revenue streams. Our solutions can improve person identification, solvency assessment, risk evaluation and fraud detection.

- AI for marketing

We will revolutionise your marketing campaigns by maximising efficiency in relation to SEO, digital marketing and paid advertisements. Our solutions can assist with the identification of new opportunities and competitive analysis. Automating the labour intensive areas of your marketing efforts will help you take the lead of your marketplace.

Our approach to AI Software Development

Spéire has embraced the era of AI, so much so; that we have built our own AI platform to solve the problems we experienced when we first set out as a web development agency.

From our experience in this field we know the importance of having a strategic approach to AI software development. Spéire has adopted the AGILE approach for our software development projects to maximise efficiency.

Our Process for AI Software Development

Spéire’s ethos is to ensure that the customer remains at the centre of every step of our process. We like to work collaboratively with our customers to ensure that all deliverables are met on time and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. We believe that customer relationships come first and foremost apart from building a high-quality software solution. Our process consists of four simple stages:

1. The Spéire Onboarding Workshop

Our workshop process is engaging, informative and enjoyable for all involved. This workshop process has been designed to ensure all needs and requirements are captured and structured in a logical way. Not only do we analyse your requirements, but we also place a particular emphasis on your customer’s requirements.

The user interface design will then be constructed collaboratively and efficiently, to save time and keep the project economic for all stakeholders. An interface wireframe will be constructed right before your eyes, this is where you will see your dream platform unfold. Once all areas of your platform have been discussed in detail a visual prototype will be constructed.

2. Prototyping

You will then receive a visual prototype illustrating how your platform will appear. Once you have reviewed the prototype and are satisfied with your design, the design will then be signed off and locked down for progression to software development.

3. Software development and review

Once the software has been fully developed it will then be ready for review. This the opportunity to review how the software performs from a functionality point of view. Once you are ready to sign off on your AI software the software will then be locked down and optimised to operate more efficiently.

4. Training and aftercare

We take great pride in ensuring our customers know what we have built inside out, we will provide in-depth training and formulate an aftercare plan that is specific to your requirements.

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