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AI for web development

What kind of problems can AI software solve for web development?

One example is website maintenance. When Spéire was first established, there was a core team of three; Cian, Dave & Myself (Stephen).  Very early on I had discovered that website maintenance and bug fixing was a task that can be very time consuming. One bug was into its 6th week of detection before fixing. In the meantime, five websites had been signed up for development and two websites had seen setbacks as they were not worked on.

Time is very precious when it comes to web development, many people do not realise that apart from building websites; keeping them up to date is just as important.

What did we build?

I had the pleasure with collaborating with my colleague Praveen in conceptualising the solution for this huge problem. The solution was aimed towards the WordPress content management system. Reason being is that it has the largest market share of websites on the marketplace. There is currently a staggering 37 million websites running WordPress as a content management system. The use of WordPress is still growing, 661 new WordPress websites are launched per day.

AI software to automatically conduct website maintenance.

As this blog is being written, the model (AIP – Artificial Intelligence Platform) is being tested on copies of websites we have built in the past. Right now, we can see the software analyse the mix of plugins on a website, determine which updates are problematic, and implement updates safely to keep the website stable.

There are over 55,000 WordPress plugins on the marketplace and at times, some of them just will not work with one another. What takes a web developer hours per week to do, AIP does in approximately 3 minutes.

Next steps for AIP…

Currently AIP has received investment and is being prepared for market release. It is very exciting to oversee this project right from inception to market launch. Who knows what other problems we will solve for other businesses? One thing is for certain, we are always excited to put our expertise to work. If you have any queries about what we can do for you get in touch! Or you can learn more here.