Trend Micro

We had the pleasure of constructing two websites for Trend Micro. Trend Micro is a cyber security that was established in 1988. They are a top tier market leader in hybrid cloud security, network defence, small business and end point security. Trend Micro is an impressive company that has grown to a scale of 7,000 employees.

We were approached by our colleagues in Fluent Communications with a brief for a website with a very tight deadline before the Christmas break and another to go live in Q2 of 2021. Our team were delighted to accept the challenge and got to work immediately.

Website 1 – SKO21

This was a private website run within their intranet network. The event was broadcast across the globe and consisted of guest speakers who comprised of key executives discussing key topics centred around innovation with an award ceremony to recognise the achievements of team members globally. They also had a mystery speaker slot which comprised of magicians performing an inclusive and interactive experience with attendees, all of which very much enjoyed their virtual event experience during the pandemic.

Embracing the era of Virtual Events

Trend Micro were weathering the storm of COVID by keeping their culture of innovation and learning alive. Their 30+ year history of adapting and moving forward was very evident when we saw the brief for the two websites that complimented their events.

A design that embraces connectivity

The design from Brendan Dawes, that was presented to us by Trend Micro encapsulated a theme of shifts in deployment from on-premises to Saas based security. These works of art complimented their brand while providing a refreshing experience that added variety and uniqueness for the event. Dawe’s design was centred around the concept of making something as chaotic as cybersecurity threats into something beautiful.

Functionality that assisted, organised & informed

Event organisers had the challenge of keeping global attendees informed virtually. Therefore to aid organisers with coordinating their guests across 5 different time zones, they required the ability to know who exactly was attending which workshop/session across the globe.

To aid with this, Spéire constructed the website with a registration form that had the capability to organise and structure the data into an excel spreadsheet. The website also consisted of multiple videos that acted as a teaser for guests one of which included the magician, Keith Barry. These videos were released on a week-by-week basis to keep their global audience engaged.