Corporate HR Ireland

Corporate HR is a provider of HR outsourcing services for Irish SMEs nationally. Their approach is to make their clients’ lives easier by offering a wide range of support, training and services when it comes to dealing with complex employment issues.

Corporate HR approached us with a brief to develop a brand and a website that communicated their core values while also having a design that is abstract enough to ensure their brand was accessible to prospective customers.

A combination of lead generation and informative content

Corporate HR’s website functionality requirements were very straightforward. They needed to communicate their long-standing track record while also providing website visitors the opportunity to reach out and engage. When it came to functionality our approach was to enable the user to learn more about Corporate HR’s offering before providing the customer with call-to-action buttons above the content fold.

For those who required instant communication a contact button was placed at the top right of the menu leading to a form that e-mailed the Corporate HR team with details to follow up enquiries. Another feature on the navbar was a LinkedIn button which gave customers the opportunity to reach out to Corporate HR via social media.