The Atlantic flight training Academy was established in 1995 and is situated near Cork airport.

AFTA currently has 2000 graduates in the workforce and offer a range of courses from recreational flying; to becoming a commercial airline pilot. We were approached by AFTA to construct a website that will assist with increasing the prospects of conversion; in relation to recreational flight vouchers and course registration.

Design Features

The approach to this website design, was centred around driving traffic towards their pilot store and learning about their course offerings. The aim of the design was to educate site visitors in choosing the right course offering to aid with their career choice. Their steps to becoming a pilot page was of particular importance, as this would increase prospects of conversion in relation to course registration.

The video banner was placed on the homepage to capture the imagination of website visitors. This would allow customers to virtually step inside the cockpit of an aircraft; to further entice them into engaging with a call to action. Ease of navigation was also key as is would further enhance their prospects of ranking on search engines.


An ecommerce functionality was integrated into the website; to allow traffic to purchase flight vouchers and flight simulator experiences. A new section was also created to allow AFTA to post updates and announcements. A contact form was also built to collect information to allow the AFTA team to get in touch with prospective customers. Mobile responsiveness was also a key priority with this website as the majority of traffic visiting, originated from mobile devices.