Here at Speire we are passionate about delivering superior website design and AI software development. We also provide a range of high-quality services in the areas of website hosting and maintenance, SEO, PPC, and graphic design.

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// Why are we called “Speire”

We get asked this alot!

There are many facets to the meaning of Spéire. The ethos behind Spéire is an admiration of the Irish way of doing business. We believe Ireland is a great place to do business particularly with the benefit of building close relationships with customers and suppliers alike. We believe that relationships are the most important element of conducting business. 

Spéire is a multifaceted combination of two Irish words and an Irish phrase. “Spéir” is the Irish word for sky and “Eire” means Ireland in our native tongue. Spéire is also part of the phrase “Bun na Spéire” which has a literal translation of beneath the sky, which would be most commonly known as horizon or skyline. 

Spéire believes the sky is the limit in relation to what can be achieved. We celebrate innovation and in particular, the level of creativity among many businesses nationwide. 

// Our Team of Website & AI Software Development Experts

There is a great deal of talent, dedication and passion behind what we do. We work in close collaboration with our clientele. We are results driven and take great pride in working hard for our clients. 

Speire - Stephen

Stephen Wilson Downey


Stephen developed a huge passion for business at a very young age, this was through his active involvement in his family business since he was 5 years old. Stephen has worked in the Rubicon Centre for two years, here he assisted with supporting the growth and development of 50+ businesses.

Marketing Strategy
Digital/Social Media Strategy
Website Management
Content Development
Search Engine Optimisation
E-Commerce Strategy
Business Strategy
Business Planning
Business Development
Market Research/Analysis

Stephen holds a BBs in Culinary Arts, a BBs (Hons) in Hospitality Management and a first-class honours MSc in Marketing Practice. From his experience, Stephen has developed a wealth of skills and expertise in the area of business from his active involvement in the ecosystem in CIT through securing a Scholarship in the area of entrepreneurship.

Speire - Dave Lyons

David Lyons

Creative Director

Dave has years of experience working a professional graphic designer with extensive experience across a wide array of digital and print platforms.

Through a friendly, open-minded approach; he has quickly established a reputation among clients for producing high-quality content, in a reliable fashion.

His design portfolio includes production of trademarked brand identities, large format wall graphics and 300+ page catalogues.

Dave’s main focus is website design with a focus on UX (user experience) design. Dave's approach is centred on human interaction with products and services for maximum impact. This is through the combination of graphic design, business, marketing, psychology and coding. Dave’s focus is the strategic aims of the website and maximising its potential.

Dave also has a diverse photography portfolio that includes product(s), food, weddings and events. As a videographer and animator; Dave has also created music videos, corporate highlight and product explainer videos.

Dave holds a BA in Economics & Computer Science, a Higher Diploma in Leadership Development and an MSc in Marketing Practice.

Speire - Cian

Cian Fahy

Director of Web Development

Cian places a high value on partnership in design and development in his proven actions with a diverse range of clients. This partnership process is based on co-engagement with clients at all stages of business and web development. In the area of web development, Cian is regarded as a thorough, professional and dedicated to delivering a high-quality service.

E-Commerce Platform Development
Cyber Security
Website Responsiveness
Quality Assurance Testing
Custom Multi – Platform Development
App Development
Social Media Platform Development
Code Based Search Engine Optimisation
Database Management

Cian has worked in the area of Web Development for 10 years. Cian is qualified in the area of Software Development and possesses advanced knowledge; when it comes to best practice in quality delivery, professional services and customer satisfaction. Cian is regarded as one of the most talented web developers in Cork.

Praveen Joshi

CTO - Head of AI Software Development

When AI joins the hands with an organization, it's not uncommon for the CXO to answer the biggest Questions of Harmonic Whys! Praveen's greatest passion is to bring AI closer to organisations that wish to thrive in a world where everyone benefits from AI. Praveen helps clients find a healthy perception of AI and how it can bring an increased value proposition to their offerings in a short amount of time.
Praveen believes that no single approach works best for every organization. Praveen's expertise ranges on many modalities, including AI Auditing, AI workshops, Architecture, Process flow, Resource and Cost drafting, to the first stage infusion of AI into from micro to large scale industry.
Praveen holds an MSc. in Artificial Intelligence and is pursuing a Doctorate in the healthcare domain from Cork Institute of Technology. He also holds a Btech. in Computer Science and Engineering from the NIET in India.

// Our Skills

At Spéire, we provide a wide range of services; ranging from website design, graphic design, and print, to more technical services such as AI software development services, hosting & website maintenance, and security. Contact us today to learn who we can help your business!

// What Clients Say

We maintain a close relationship with our clients, and it is the centre of our ethos. Our relationship with our clients has helped us to grow and make us what we are today.

We used Speire to develop a logo for our Urban October initiative. They provided a great service, creating a very innovative logo which received very favourable comment from the general public. I would have no hesitation in using their services again.


Stephen assisted us with our digital marketing and engagement with students. Stephen has increased the traffic to our website by over 100% and our student referrals are up. Stephen also produced us with a very in-depth strategy on how we could improve our digital operations. I would definitely recommend his expertise.


We met with Dave and Cian from Speire and they immediately understood the Coqbull brand, basically we needed to bring our brand online and we feel Speire has achieved this for us, we are delighted with their customer service and would highly recommend them for the complete package to bring your company online.

Mags O'ConnorMarketing Manager - COQBULL & Cornstore

Spéire’s business process was straightforward and they were a pleasure to deal with at all times. Prior to starting our website rebuild and rebrand, they developed a thorough understanding of our organisation which was clearly visible throughout the project through an impressive level of intuition and creative input relevant to our services. At what was an incredibly busy time for us, it was reassuring to be able to trust in their ability to deliver the project to a high standard that catered for our wide range of services, and service users. Their professionalism and efficiency was remarkable throughout and we would highly recommend.

Dr Calem De BúrcaCEO - The Bessborough Centre

We have worked with Spéire on numerous design projects and find they understand the brief and deliver an excellent product on time and without fuss. There is no underestimating the importance of graphic design in business today and luckily Spéire are passionate about the work they do.


We at Fachtna O’Driscoll Solicitors asked Speire to carry out a complete redesign and upgrading of our website. The result was a modern, vibrant and professional looking site of which the whole office is proud. The Speire team were prompt professional, knowledgeable and helpful throughout. We couldn’t have asked for more. Great business to work with.


We at Fachtna O’Driscoll Solicitors asked Speire to carry out a complete redesign and upgrading of our website. The result was a modern, vibrant and professional looking site of which the whole office is proud. The Speire team were prompt professional, knowledgeable and helpful throughout. We couldn’t have asked for more. Great business to work with.


// Trusted By

We love what we do; and we work with so many great people.

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