ESPY & IRIS Was founded by a family from North Cork with a simple objective; to offer high quality & affordable eyewear that was modern and on trend. They decided to create a service with an in house optician that would receive orders online and dispatch them to customers all over the world.

ESPY and IRIS have a passion for offering glasses that could be worn as fashion accessories; and have many different frames at an affordable price. This allows customers to have a different pair of glasses for each and everyday of the week!

They also offer a home try on service which allows consumers to try on the glasses before purchasing. If the customer wishes to try a different set of frames, they simply post the frames back and request other frames to try on.

A different look
for the site

The main objective of the websites design was to enable the brand to stand out and be unique compared to their competitors. This consisted a palate of vibrant colours and unique illustrations that would appeal to their target audience. We worked with the very talented Amy Louise O’Callaghan to construct the illustrations and from there we incorporated them into the website’s design.


We were presented with the challenge of constructing a highly customised purchasing experience for website users. The site allows users to choose five different frames to try on at home. The returned frames will then be created specific to the customers requirements with the option to register an account. These specifications can then be stored and used at a future date.

Product Photography