Dwyer’s Forge Hill

Dwyer’s electrical is situated on Forge Hill, Cork City. Dwyer’s is a family run business offering a wide range of appliances, audio visual, heating and lighting to customers all over Ireland. Dwyer’s approached us to reconstruct their website to enhance prospects of conversion.

Modernising their
customer journey

The design of Dwyers’ website was product centric and displayed key categories on the home page to allow customers to navigate to sought after products. Our main goal was to assist customers to make a purchase with the least amount of clicks.

A clearance section was also placed near the top of the homepage to increase prospects of repeat visits. This would enhance rankings on Google due to the volume of high quality traffic navigating through the website.


The e-commerce functionality was developed with the customer journey in mind. The functionality allowed customers to make a purchase to collect in store, or have their product delivered right to their door.