Da Silly Heads

“Putting a face on mental health”

Da Silly Heads was born out of an experience of two strong and determined individuals, Dan & Mike. In 2018 & 2019 Dan & Mike lost two family members to suicide which prompted the duo to tackle mental health and the stigma that came along with it head on.

We were delighted to be approached by Dan & Mike to construct their WordPress website. Mental health is something that is very close to our hearts it is something that has affected us in different shapes or forms throughout our lives. Our team were determined to produce a website that was engaging and vibrant to send a clear message to visitors that mental health needs to stay in the spotlight.

Story telling with a fluorescent impactful delivery

Da Silly Heads had an incredible mix of talent behind their design. We were produced with a wealth of top class imagery that helped inspire us with a design that delivered a strong message with a high impact.

The pink headings emanated a fluorescent neon style light. This was incorporated to add an accent to the imagery while also keeping website visitors focussed on navigation. This was in a bid for visitors to intuitively navigate through content efficiently when it came to the purchase of their apparel, reading up on expert advice or sourcing the best supports possible when it comes to taking care of your mental health.

Placing personalities on different areas of mental health, through high speed animation

Communicating the different characteristics on depression, Bi-Polar, OCD, Anxiety and how the brain can become overwhelmed was a key aspect to the homepage. Dave was presented with animations that clearly demonstrated the characteristics of these areas of mental health and incorporated them into the page structure. Cian and our coding department were then presented with the challenge of incorporating animated characters in a compressed MP4 format while prioritising page loading speed.