Beara Ocean Gin is distilled on the Beara peninsula, situated in the picturesque location of West Cork.


The distillery is run by John & Eileen who decided to create their own signature gin. John and Eileen travelled the world to learn about what is behind the distillation of a high quality gin.

The gin is hand crafted and produced in small batches. The gin is infused with Atlantic sea water, sugar kelp and hand picked fuchsia. It is then combined with traditional botanicals to create a gin that is both unique and balanced.

We were approached by Peter who worked in the marketing department of the distillery. Peter had learned of our service through another client and tasked us with producing a website that emanates the unique qualities behind their signature gin.

Speire Portfolio - BEARA


We approached the design with a focus on the quality of the product and how it stood out compared to their counterparts on the marketplace. We decided that users needed to see the product in an authentic manner. Dave decided to travel to Castletownbere and film the bottles of gin with the Atlantic ocean water in the background. A loop was then created.

We then described the two products on offer in great detail before communicating the story behind the gin; by incorporating their video shot in-house to showcase the distillation process.

The theme of the design was centred on ingredients and its locality. These core elements contributed to a design that was truly unique, and certainly positioned their brand as one that offered quality and had passion behind their produce.


The two main elements of functionality requested was the localised translation of the language on the website. This was to assist with their search engine optimisation which specifically targeted the regions where they aimed to supply.

We decided to bring our translation partners into the project and from there they conducted keyword research and wrote content in an informal way that natives would normally communicate and understand. The logic behind this, is so that the website would rank better than their counterparts who would simply install a translation plugin.

We also incorporated an interactive map of their stockists. This enabled users to gain information of where they could purchase the Ocean gin. We decided to add a light and subtle animation where the pinpoints on the map would bounce as users scrolled through the list. This would be one of our favourite features of animation on the website.

The videos on the website are also YouTube APIs. This assisted us with the conservation of server space and also aided ranking prospects as there was parity in relation to their website being present on two of Google’s services.

Speire Portfolio - BEARA