Arona’s solid perfumes are made using organic beeswax, natural pure essential oils and absolutes.

An Irish product created by Nora Irwin; Nora’s product has been aired on RTE’s nationwide and has garnered significant market interest to date. Nora approached us to develop an E-Commerce website to allow her to sell her products directly to customers internationally along with wholesaler distribution.

Design Features

The approach of this website design was to showcase the product to the consumer at the earliest opportunity. The colours chosen were in line with the colour palates used to design the product packaging. High quality imagery of the perfume’s ingredients were also used to quickly communicate the quality of ingredients used to make the solid perfume.


Nora’s brief was quite simple, she wanted the website to sell products quickly and efficiently. This meant careful placement of calls to action throughout the website. A blog and FAQ functionality was also added, which allowed customers to learn more about the product on offer in more detail.  A contact form was also installed to allow potential wholesalers or new customers speak to Nora directly.