Aqua Excel 3.0

Aqua Excel is a project that provides services to Europe’s aquaculture community. By supporting scientific research, networking activities and the provision of access to international facilities; Aqua Excel aims to further boost the European aquaculture sector by integrating 40 top class research facilities to offer a world class cluster.

A UX Design with an efficient navigation

The design of Aqua Excel evoked themes of aquaculture, networking, and collaboration. With a diverse range of areas and disciplines a holistic approach was required in terms of encapsulating all the varying degrees of informative content.

This provided our team with a foundation to create a design that efficiently informed website visitors exactly what Aqua Excel’s niche in the realm of research was.

An interactive map with stunning granular detail

This project also required a map that needed to feature the varying areas of aquatic research expertise across the continent of Europe. All labs, universities and industries needed to be categorised and expanded upon should users require more information on each facility. The map was also combined with a filter to allow users to segregate the results to find what they looking for in an efficient manner.