A New Mum

Anewmum was the brainchild of Marian Kennedy. Marian described the birth of her first child “fast and furious” and was left with a grade three tear in her perineum. Trying to recover physically while encountering the challenges of motherhood Marian was actively seeking relief for her tear that was safe to use without compromising the stitches. Four years later, Marian has produced a product range that solves the problem she was experiencing.

Anewmum has now grown to support every new mum on their journey. This Tipperary company has a bright and exciting future ahead of them.

A visually striking website

Working on this website was very exciting. Anewmum came to us with a beautifully constructed new brand. The brand consisted of a very versatile logomark that had huge potential to create some truly unique elements that remained consistent through the website.

We decided to take the approach of incorporating the logo mark and flower elements into the website’s aesthetic. This was mixed with some light animation to keep the user experience engaging without compromising the informative content being displayed.

A Comprehensive E - Commerce and Calculator Functionality

The scope for this website was to build an E-Commerce function that could take pre orders. One area of the website we really enjoyed working on was the pregnancy calculator. This comprised of putting together a complex algorithm with multiple variables such as the year, month and day of the last menstrual period before pregnancy. We then used these variables to calculate an estimated due date comprised with comprehensive information such as:

  • Probable date of conception
  • Foetal age today (based on today’s date comparable with the inputted date)
  • Best date range for NT scan
  • Morphology scan date
  • First heart tones by doppler
  • Best time to evaluate cervical length in patient with risk factors
  • Best time for routine anatomy ultrasound

Developing this website was very informative in relation to how much planning, learning and development is involved with preparing for childbirth.