What is the Online Retail Scheme?

The Enterprise Ireland Online Retail Scheme aims to enable the retail sector in Ireland to develop an online offering that is more competitive. This means putting in place the right foundation to ensure a sustainable online presence that will increase a loyal customer base with prospects of international expansion.
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The fund is a competitive process and it is administered by Enterprise Ireland.

When is the Deadline for Submission of the Online Retail Scheme?

Applications must also be submitted with statutory accounts.

The call for funding runs through May 2022 and will close with a strict deadline on Wednesday June 1st 2022 at 12:00 noon.

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Who can apply for the Online Retail Scheme?

Retailers with a pre-existing online presence can apply.

The reason why Enterprise Ireland have released this fund is to help retailers develop the capacity to react to an increase in both domestic and international demand for an enhance online shopping experience.

Enterprise Ireland aim to:

  • Enable smaller retailers to develop a digital infrastructure that encourages consumer loyalty.
  • Allow retailers to build more resilience in revenue from both physical and online channels.
  • Develop a team and foster a culture around scaling online sales.
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How is the Grant Awarded Financially?

There are two separate categories for successful applicants that carry different levels of support:

  1. Previous successfully awarded applicants

50% of the eligible cost up to a maximum of €80,000.

  1. First time successful applicants

80% of the eligible cost up to a maximum of €80,000.

The grant is awarded towards activities centred around research, consultancy costs for strategy development, the development/enhancement of an improved online shopping experience, implantation of strategy and the training of your team.

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Our Team Will Help you with Your Application

We believe in quality over quantity. This means we are only onboarding 8 projects for this scheme. Depending on your application’s success our team will have ample capacity to deliver. All work must be completed by November 4th for successful grant drawdown.

There are 5 places left contact us today to assist you with your grant.

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Online Retail Scheme Criteria:

Who is eligible for the Online Retail Scheme?

Irish based retail businesses with 10 or more full-time employees with the ability to sustain and create jobs. Be a clear demonstrator of the ability to generate a growth in online transactions. A strong ambition of internationalising their business.

The specific elements they are looking for are also detailed below:

  • Have an existing online presence. This means websites, social media etc.
  • Have a physical retail store that is selling products directly to consumers.
  • If the business is a blend between physical products and a service a breakdown of sales must be included in your application. Product sales must account for 50% or more of revenue for the most recent trading period.
  • If the business is a blend between B2B and B2C a breakdown of sales must be included in your application. B2C activities must account for more than 50% or more of revenue for the most recent trading period.
  • If you are re-applying you are eligible if you have successfully completed your previous project.
  • If you are re-applying you are also eligible if the project is substantially different to your previous application.

Who is not eligible for the Online Retail Scheme?

The scheme is specifically aimed at retailers who show potential under Enterprise Ireland’s criteria. Typically, Enterprise Ireland will take into account the businesses ability to create more jobs and increase levels of international sales. In short, if you demonstrate that you can bring revenue into the country that creates employment you should apply.

Businesses that match the below criteria are not eligible to apply:

  • No physical retail store
  • Current clients of Enterprise Ireland that are eligible for other grants (This is called double funding)
  • Projects that are not significantly adding or enhancing the functionality of their online presence.
  • A project that is below an expenditure of €20,000. This means if you submit your application for an amount of this it is automatically rejected.
  • B2B only businesses
  • Businesses where the main activity is a service. This can range from hair salons to legal services and travel agents. The list is not exhaustive, if you are offering a service of any kind and the product is a vessel for that service (i.e. tyre changing & fitting) your application will be rejected.
  • Businesses providing financial products (loans etc.)
  • Car dealerships
  • The main business activity is the wholesale or re-sale of products to other businesses or construction trade professionals
  • Sole traders
  • Businesses in the adult entertainment and gambling industry.

What costs are eligible for the Online Retail Grant?

  • Salary costs of the internal project manager of the company to ensure project success (this must not be more than the external service provider costs).
  • Service provider charge to develop a digital strategy
  • Service provider charges to develop and enhance online presence (adding of new functionality)
  • Service provider training for your internal team

What costs are not eligible?

  • Small upgrades to existing online presence (i.e. maintenance, addition of new pages, addition of new products)
  • Hardware
  • Off the shelf SaaS products
  • Online Advertising Spend (Pay per click)
  • Traditional marketing costs
  • Training courses
  • Anything spent before the close of the call